Cristal Larzac

product description

The French Larzac Desert inspired this art panel which resembles marble in beautiful beige and caramel tones with golden glitter details. The canvas art panels are based on the use of acrylic colors assortment and resin materials which blended with digital art and handmade techniques allows the creation of distinctive elements and repeated patterns. The art panels can be customized through graphic and handmade artistic touches and created in different sizes to create unique ambiences for the bathroom.

product features

2 aluminum sheets with a polyethylene core named Reynobond.
Digital Print using UV Colors. Surface layered with transparent, waterproof and UV resistant epoxy resin.
Available in two finishes: Flat or Dripping.


Width/Length: 149 cm | 58,66”
Depth: 0.4 cm | 0.15”
Height: 300 cm | 118,11''

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