York Console Table

product description

As a tribute to two of our most popular design, Trinity and Mondrian, York is one of the most classic additions to Soho Collection. York console fits a modern entrance hall and brings an elegant touch to any bathroom. Created in a true Boca do Lobo style with a blend of classic and contemporary elements its sinuous wood legs support a glass box which encases a collection of leather, hand carved mahogany, mirror, and lacquered drawers with distinct handcrafted brass pulls in a chrome finish.

product features

Mahogany Wood lacquered in black with a high gloss varnish, Grey Glass, Silver Plated Brass, Grey Mirror in Bevelling.
Drawers: High gloss black lacquer and leather, glass lacquered in black, lacquered woodwork.


Width/Length: 140 cm | 55"
Depth: 40 cm | 16"
Height: 90 cm | 35"

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