September 3, 2015

During Maison&Objet, Wall&decò presents WET SYSTEM™ and OUT SYSTEM™, two waterproof decorative systems dedicated to bathroom and facades.

Wall Dèco's Waterproof Surfaces at Maison&Objet Paris

WET SYSTEM™ is the first waterproof decorative membrane for damp spaces like bathrooms, showers and spas that successfully meets its main purpose, a high decorative value, as well as boasting a wide range of technical properties – resistance to water, dampness, yellowing, abrasion and harsh house cleaning products.

Wall Dèco's Waterproof Surfaces at Maison&Objet Paris

WET SYSTEM™ trademark is the result of Wall&decò’s ongoing investments into research and development.
Unlike tile covered surfaces, WET SYSTEM™ is totally waterproof thanks to an innovative decorative sheath that has passed ETAG 022, (European Technical Approval Guidelines) tests, the stringent European guidelines that certify a waterproofing product has the technical capacities to resist water, temperature changes and the movements of building substrates.
Wall Dèco's Waterproof Surfaces at Maison&Objet Paris
New visual solutions able to give the surfaces it covers a seamless look: a 360° design, continuing in the shower room, where it smoothly and seamlessly joins the internal and external walls, ensuring a highly decorative look.
Wall Dèco's Waterproof Surfaces at Maison&Objet Paris
A brand new texture, a great alternative to conventional coverings: its special configuration makes it suitable for application on vertical surfaces such as rendering, plasterboard, PVC, glass and straight onto ceramic tiles.
Wall Dèco's Waterproof Surfaces at Maison&Objet Paris
WET SYSTEM™, a real kit consisting of 4 specific products to be applied in 4 different stages and together make up, for the first time at international level, a single system combining the waterproofing function of traditional liquid sheaths with the strong decorative power of Wall&deco wall coverings. Tone on tone designs, brocades revisited, soft floral motifs and textural effects: unobtrusive designs, a perfect decoration for stylish bathrooms, where it creates a light and bright atmosphere.
Wall Dèco's Waterproof Surfaces at Maison&Objet Paris
OUT SYSTEM™, a visually high impact wall covering system developed for the first time by Wall&decò for external walls and facades.
It is a complete system consisting of 4 elements: the primer, the specific adhesive, the technical fiber with graphic prints and the specific protective finishing for outdoor use with water resistant and anti-UV, antismog (fluorinated) properties. OUT SYSTEM™ has undergone lab testing and is guaranteed for 10 years from installation. OUT SYSTEM™ provides architecture new expressions of urban landscape.

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