Top 5 Cool Bathroom Gadgets total control1

Top 5 Cool Bathroom Gadgets

December 30, 2014

Want to improve your bathroom and make it futuristic and modern? Take a look at this coll bathroom gadgets.

While they give you more comfort and a calm ambiance, they help you to save the environment. How cool is that?

#1 A Programmable Shower

Top 5 Cool Bathroom Gadgets  Top 5 Cool Bathroom Gadgets Programmable Shower

Personalize shower time with this tablet-like, full-color digital touch screen. You can program up to nine separate “scenarios.” A thermostatic valve regulates water temperatures from up to four outlets. The setup can also adjust lighting, and volume levels from an audio device.

#2 Hidden Cabinet Speakers

cabinets-with-sound-system-0513-lgn  Top 5 Cool Bathroom Gadgets cabinets with sound system 0513 lgn

Hidden inside the cabinet, these small but powerful wireless speakers are water-resistant and calibrated to offset bath-friendly but sound-reflective materials such as tile, glass, and metal.

#3 LED Temperature Control

Top 5 Cool Bathroom Gadgets  Top 5 Cool Bathroom Gadgets temperature

The LED light ring glows red or blue to indicate water temperature. The lever makes it easy to adjust pressure and temperature with one hand. Even the fluid shape looks ultramodern, and comes in super-cool matte powder-coat finishes, as well as polished chrome.

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#4 A tub with sound system

bathtub with sound  Top 5 Cool Bathroom Gadgets bathtub with sound

The system connects to Bluetooth-enabled devices so you can listen to music, news — whatever — through the tub. When the tub is empty, the room fills with sound. When full, sound vibrates through the water as you bathe.

#5 Total Shower Control

Top 5 Cool   Top 5 Cool Bathroom Gadgets total control

With the control knob, you can adjust the temperature manually and quickly turn the shower on and off.

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One thought on “Top 5 Cool Bathroom Gadgets”

  1. Johan says:


    thanks for the blog there is some really cool stuff out there for the bathroom, I like the tub with the sound system music and a warm bath!

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