Take the best bath in Valentine's day

February 13, 2015

In 14th February millions of peole of over the world exchange the most romantic gifts to them  sold made on the most romantic day of the y- The Valentine’s Day . Today Valentine’s Day has become a time when young and old celebrate the bonds they share with the people they love.So in honor of this romantic day, Luxury Bath—your trusted bathroom remodeling company, has collected a few tips on giving your bathroom the full Valentine’s Day treatment. Below are a few easy bathroom ideas for your own romantic escape.

Valentine’s Bath remodel tip #1: Cleaning’s a Good Start
A clean and uncluttered bathroom can make a world of difference. Put away the rubber duckies, old toothbrushes and anything else that isn’t soothing to the eye. Also be sure to liberate any unwanted grime by cleaning the toilet, shower, walls, sink and floors.



Valentine’s Bath remodel tip #2: Turn on the Jams
Create a CDof all the songs you both enjoy. Avoiding any mood killing commercials. Play your music quietly in the background.

 best bath for valentines´s day2

Valentine’s Bath remodel tip #3: Lighting is Key
Lighting can be key to setting a relaxing mood in a valentine’s day. Whether you dim your lights or place candles around your tub or vanity, a simple solution will make the atmosphere much more enjoyable. Don’t let all your planning take a turn for the worst and set too much of a spark.But be carerful move any candles away from tissue products, towels and other flammable material.

 best bath for valentines's day

Valentine’s Bath remodel tip #4: Turn up the Jets
Nothing says relaxation like a warm jet propelled massage. Unwind by getting your blood circulating and relaxing any sore muscles or joints. You can also take advantage of personal footbath massagers that will do the trick as well. Don’t have a jetted tub for this valentine’s day?

best bath for valentines's day

Valentine’s Bath remodel tip #5: Add the Final Touches
Just like we say about our bath remodels, sometimes it’s the little details that really stand out. Add some extra frills like rose petals in the bathtub, trays of fresh chocolate covered strawberries or even a few glasses of bubbly to really impress the one you love.


best bath for valentines's day

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