Sophisticated Chairs and Stools For Luxury Bathrooms

July 21, 2017

Sophisticated Chairs and Stools For Luxury Bathrooms has become a very popular trend nowadays. This kind of chair can be adapted to any room design, but bathrooms deserve a little extra luxury. Let’s have a look to a diversified selection where we chose the top modern and sophisticated chairs and stools.

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MAYA armchair’s green/lime color was taken from one of the primary elements of Mayans culture, the maize. MAYA armchair has the sensual and delicate forms of the feminine being and the strength of a tree of life; this combination makes it as the perfect piece for every bathroom.

Sophisticated Chairs and Stools

MOHAWK names a North American region of copper ores and its reminiscent indigenous people, who fought against rival tribes and were distinguished by their hairstyle. A distinction which this backless bar stool brings to a modern home decor.

KOI carp is a recurring symbol of Japanese culture, highly appreciated by its decorative purposes in water gardens, in Irezumi practice or most commonly, in tattoos. Its natural color mutations reveal their capacity to adapt, just like the KOI upholstered stooI which fit in any modern home decor.

Sophisticated Chairs and Stools

Fitting SIKA  armchair in a modern home decor is suiting a blend of strength and elegance inspired in a deer species rooted in Japan – where it is considered to be sacred. The most distinctive features of SIKA wingback chair are its reddish leather covered by brass tackles and the imposing arms and headrest, resembling the deer’s fur and antlers.


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Sophisticated Chairs and Stools

The grandeur of the Andes’ mountains is only matched by the surviving skills of the people who strive there. ANDES Armchair is a mid-century modern furniture piece that honors this strength.

Sophisticated Chairs and Stools

The flirty legs on the Rita stool go on for days! Her seemingly sweet upholstered top rests on a daringly alluring polished brass frame with sky high stiletto legs giving her a kick of sass. It’s hard to resist the temptation of a woman in stilettos.

This fluid and unusual sofa transcend design and jewelry. Conceived from a cuff bracelet, the Mandy stool will embellish any setting with its soft black velvet upholstery and a base in twisted high-gloss polished brass.

Chandra is both bold and daring. The modern edge of this chair exudes the feeling of vintage glam. While polished brass bands delicately bind the chair highlighting the sculpted fluidity of the tight back satin upholstery.

Sophisticated Chairs and Stools

The succulent lines of the lips have sensuously captivated cultures for ages. Besame’s soft, plump curves will have you lusting for a moment of passion.
Be embraced by this fully upholstered chair that sits puckered atop a textured brass ring base

Sophisticated Chairs and Stools

Who wouldn’t wish to embrace these most treasured moments in the comfort of an exquisite stool? Trésor is the ultimate object of desire, the most beautiful, elegant and empowering stool of all emerging from the careful application of luscious velvet touches, fine brass finishes and passionate design.

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