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Oct 23, 2015

Unfortunately, either modern bathrooms, small bathrooms, and even luxury bathrooms sometimes haven’t the right decor! One of the best Italian designers, Piero Lissoni signs ‘Pætchwork/ Collection, an original bathroom collection of tiles, bathroom fixtures and fittings and accessories by COTTO.  Symbol of the brand’s strength, among few international companies that offer complete solutions for the bathroom: […]

Oct 23, 2015

As technology advances, sanitaryware is slimming down. New ceramic composites mixed with quartz and minerals are harder than their traditional ceramic counterparts and can be moulded into thin forms that were previously impossible to produce is the new bathroom trend. Cielo has extended its Shui line designed by Paolo D’Arrigo. The new Shui […]

Oct 22, 2015

We love the combination of sleek contemporary design, complimented by beautiful, well-worn pieces of decor or furniture. Rustic elements can warm up an otherwise cool modern design approach in any room, including the bathroom. Clean white walls, gorgeous antique fixtures, reclaimed wood elements, and amazing lighting ideas that will turn […]

Oct 21, 2015

To keep the readers of Maison Valentina blog always informed, we select several design style ideas for luxury bathrooms, for you to enjoy and choose what suits you the most. SEE ALSO:TOP 10 BEAUTIFUL BATHROOMS VIEWS Be inspired with this mirrors:THE PERFECT BATHROOM MIRROR The design of your bathroom dictates […]

Oct 20, 2015

Victorian bathrooms are characterized by the elegant design elements commonly found in the grand homes of the Victorian era. These can include everything from tufted benches to intricately shaped gold- or silver-finished mirror frames. In general, design for Victorian bathrooms focuses on beauty, elegance and comfort. One element commonly found […]

Oct 20, 2015

Today we’ll talk about luxury bathrooms. But this time, let’s talk about something much simpler, but it has gone unnoticed in our daily consumption. With natural disasters happening all the time in the outside world, we can conclude that today, luxury is to take care of our planet and our environment, it […]

Oct 20, 2015

Many designers are building shower cubicles in new modern bathrooms that are just as big as a bathtub, because many new homeowners are satisfied with just having a shower in their bathroom instead of a bathtub. Bathtubs take up a lot of space, and use up A lot of water, especially […]

Oct 19, 2015

The idea of a relaxing bathroom at home often evokes images of a spa-inspired setting where it is white and light blues that hold sway. Darker tones are often shunned in favor of pastel hues and the modern trend has been to add a few warm, wooden accents to complete the appeal […]

Oct 16, 2015

Some people believe that: Heaven really is a place on earth. At least, that’s how we feel about these sybaritic spa treatments of the best  and luxury spas in the world, which are so blissfully mind-blowing that they’re worth every penny. THE CLEARING FACTOR Mandarin Oriental in New York City […]

Oct 15, 2015

Today we are going to find out what makes a luxury bathroom be luxury itself. Share your ideas with us. 1. Space. A utilitarian room, most bathrooms are small to allow for more room in other areas of the home. So instantly, a larger bathroom is a luxury. How To:Unless […]

Oct 14, 2015

Boutique Design New York (BDNY), now in its sixth year, presents more than 600+ unique and innovative exhibitors of furniture, lighting, wall coverings, fabric, seating, accessories, artwork, carpet and flooring, materials, bath and spa for hospitality interiors. And this are the best hotels that you can book for your time […]


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