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Decorating a modern bathroom

February 10, 2015

When you are  decorating a modern bathroom it’s important to stay focused on your goal. While modern decor is defined by geometric shapes, an achromatic color scheme and exposed surfaces that does not translate into cold and sterile. Quite the opposite actually. Your modern bathroom should be warm and inviting, a place you look forward to beginning and ending your hectic days in. A place to relax and enjoy the moment with you.

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Like with any decorating project you will get the best end results if you approach your bathroom remodel with a plan. The easiest way to do this is by deciding on the “focal point” of the room and working from there. That   can be whatever you wish, a lighting fixture the tub or even a fabulous mirror. One of the most  beautifull bahtroom is the bathroom vanity

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A vanity has become a bathroom staple. When chosen with careful consideration it serves two important functions. Firstly, and this is especially important if your tight on room, it proffers valuable storage space. Furthermore the vanity is a great way to make a design statement and set the tone for the bathroom. It’s often the largest piece of furniture in the bathroom and is an effortless centerpiece.

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Choosing a vanity that is sleek and modern, alluring and warm is your goal. Once you begin the search you will be surprised by how many options you have.  You can easily eliminate by knowing in advance what size and color you want. Also decide if you want open storage, closed or a combination of both. With these essential criterions decided on you are well on your way to choosing the perfect  modern bathroom vanity  . Take advantage of the many online and print resources available to give you good decorating ideas. Most of all don’t forget that decorating is fun! Enjoy creating the bathroom of your dreams!


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