Classy Bronze for Luxury Bathrooms

December 18, 2015

Would you like to put some glow in your bathroom? Bronze is the way to go! Today Maison Valentina is going to show you some luxury bathrooms that involve classy bronze! Take a look at our selection of bathrooms with bronze accents. You can easily showcase both function and beauty, just combining bronze to make it stand out. Check out the list below.

classy bronze for luxury bathroom 2

The additional Asian touch to this bathroom is ravishing, plus the material used for the walls and the sides of the tub is actually pretty against the white ceiling.

bronze for luxury bathroom 1

This looks one royal bathroom! The color and the materials used in this space is just super stunning!

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Classy bronze for luxury bathroom 3

The rustic tub kind of reminds me of old movies with rich people bathing in them.

Classy bronze for luxury bathroom 4

The tub is kind of looking like a basin that looks like something a baby would bathe in. The textures in this bathroom are divine!

bronze for luxury bathroom 5

The huge circular post in the middle of the room is a chunk removed from space but adding bling to it sure makes it decorative and not an eye sore.

bronze for luxury bathroom 6

The wall with the fireplace is really beautiful that complements with the smooth flooring and the cute bronze bathtub!

bronze for luxury bathroom 7

Notice the accent tiles on this space? Totally creative and beautiful

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bronze for luxury bathroom 8

This is one bronze tub that I would love to have at home!

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