How to choose your bathroom flooring - Maison Valentina

How to Choose Your Bathroom Flooring

November 25, 2015

Before choosing the bathtubs, wash basins, or something else, is necessary choose bathroom flooring. First, you need to understand what you want for your bathroom floor. Tile is the surface of choice in the bathroom — natural stone or porcelain and ceramic that mimic natural stone and neutral colour. So, how to choose your bathroom flooring? Take a look at the amazing tips by Maison Valentina Blog!

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How to choose your bathroom flooring - Maison Valentina

Mix-and-match sizes add interest to your bathroom floor. Some designs combine large and small floor tiles. You can incorporate octagonal, hexagonal and 2-inch or smaller mosaic tiles in a pattern.

How to choose your bathroom flooring - Maison Valentina

Ceramic tile floors are designed with more texture than ceramic wall tile to prevent slippage. Honed natural stone will also provide traction when floors get wet—that’s when the surface is ground flat but not polished. Natural stone also can be sandblasted.

How to choose your bathroom flooring - Maison Valentina

Hardwood floors that are sealed will combat moisture damage and can provide a uniform look if the rest of the home has wood flooring. And basic vinyl is easy to wipe down and highly affordable.

How to choose your bathroom flooring - Maison Valentina2

As for the carpet, while the same soft pile you put in your master bedroom is a no-no (unless you want to grow mildew), there are carpet options that are water-, mildew- and stain-resistant with backing that will not allow water to seep into the padding. There are carpet tiles on the market that make removing single panels for cleaning easy. You may choose to carpet one section of a master bath — say an area where you place an upholstered seat, or a space that serves as a tranquil transition area. As an alternative, consider rugs that can offer the same softness and easily be removed and cleaned.

How to choose your bathroom flooring - Maison Valentina

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