Black Bathtubs for Luxury Bathroom Ideas

March 1, 2016

Black bathtubs are a perfect choice for your luxury bathroom. To make a bathtub the focus point, you’ll do best with the freestanding installation. There are tub designs made of ceramic, stone or other modern materials. All in all, bathroom decor has grown up and clearly, black is back.




The Diamond Bathtub turns heads wherever it stands. It features a wooden structure finished in a high gloss black varnish, a color that contrasts perfectly with the golden painted rim, covered in high gloss varnish. Besides its irregular shape inspired on its jewel’s name, it has a built-in oval tub that will provide you the most comfortable soak.



black bathtub in a bathroom maison valentina

A luxurious tub is an indulgence that pays for itself time and time again. Whether you’re looking for the latest features or just want something that fits your carefully coordinated decor, this curated collection of designer bathtubs is sure to inspire. So dim the lights, put on some soft music, and sink into the tub of your dreams.

black bathtub in a l bathroom maison valentina4


This design makes the most of the dramatic contrast – very elegant. The marble platform looks luxurious and serves as a functional way to protect a wood floor from the water.


Maison Valentina freestanding bathtubs


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Newton is an outstanding moment of design inspiration. This bathtub features a curved lip style shape, a timeless detail that conveys comfort, made out of gold painted casted iron, revealing its entire golden interior. The high-gloss black and gold lacquered spheres make the perfect combination to make this a sculptural and artistic piece.




black bathtub in a l bathroom maison valentina4


Dark and sumptuous, this smoky vessel shines with the same radiance as if it were carved from a smooth onyx stone. Black Bathtubs take your bathroom  to a new level of luxury!

black bathtub in a luxury bathroom maison valentina small bathroom
Go for a monochrome colour scheme to get a hotel-chic look in a small bathroom. black bathroom tiles add definition. With this small bathtub, you can have a luxury bathtub in a small bathroom!
Vessel Suspension Bathtub is a special way to take a shower!
black bathtub maison valentina
The Darian Bathtub draws inspiration from the power of the shield and sphere of protection, as well as the dynamic from its irregular shape. Precise knowledge of production techniques and materials, each with different specialties, from metal-work to upholstery. It features a cluster of gold plated brass asymmetrical bars enveloping a black leather structure, that results in a blend of artful and stout personality.
black bathtub in a l bathroom maison valentina7
Victorian Style for luxury and small bathroom! What do you think about black bathtubs?

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