Nov 19, 2020

NOVONO is an interior architecture firm specialized in high-concept gastronomy, hospitality, and temporary event spaces, as well as timeless private residences. Devoted to elegant naturalism and architectural excellence, the company creates sensorial interiors combining space and light. Nora von Nordenskjöld, founder and owner of the brand, imagines and creates eclectic […]

Nov 8, 2020

The Hottest Bathroom Tile Trends 2021 / 2022 : Bathtubs and washbasins are usually the focus when thinking about bathroom remodelling. But it seems that in 2021 tiles will be king! Bespoke and art-inspired patterns, handmade finishes, exotic colors, and shapes – come in power on the word’s design scene […]

Nov 4, 2020

Symetrics bathroom was created by Sieger Design, a successful company that offers architectural strategies, bathroom designs, and diverse premium products.     Developed and led by Christian and  Michael Sieger, the brand is known for its unique sense of innovation being recognized with numerous renowned design awards such as the silver award […]

Oct 20, 2020

Terrazzo bathrooms: you either love them or hate them. This is made of a variety of materials combined in a matrix of concrete pattern. It is possible to include any colour, allowing a wide range of design possibilities. With speckled good-looks and an endless array of colour options, there’s a reason […]

Oct 1, 2020

Just because your bathroom lacks square footage doesn’t mean it’s destined to remain a strictly practical room. With the right design tricks, it’s easy to bridge the gap between form and function—regardless of its size. In fact, a powder room or guest bathroom can be a convenient way to experiment […]

Sep 22, 2020

If you have not already embraced fall spirit and carried out a slight change in your home décor, Maison Valentina has your back! Some could be planning for a more extensive living room or bedroom makeover just smaller accents. The return of warmer tones and wooden details complement white, blue, green, […]

Aug 12, 2020

Nothing says luxury like an expansive master bathroom with a view—whether you’re overlooking a city skyline, crystal blue waters, or distant mountain peaks. Maison Valentina‘s team compiled 6 high-design interiors with captivating views that are sure to leave you inspired to create your personal oasis. JULIE HILLMAN DESIGN:         […]

Jul 30, 2020

Bespoke mirror designs can easily become statement pieces in one’s luxury bathroom as they add a fresh and bright touch to space.  Regarding any style of decor, there’s a great selection of pieces that are a real game-changer.  It’s not an ordinary piece that is able to change the perspective, but instead a great and bespoke piece, […]


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