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Luxury bathroom by Branchetti

February 2, 2015

The new Luxury bathroom Collection by Italian manufacturer Branchetti  is exactly that: luxury.

They prove once again that the Italian furniture is not only stylish, but can be regarded as true works of art. Furniture from Luxury collection are modern, extremely elegant and above all functional and practical.

luxury bathrooms1 luxury bathroom Luxury bathroom by  Branchetti 1

Combining that all important Italian flair for style with a need for functionality and practicality, Branchetti has created a designer bathroom collection that oozes sophistication and glamour.


luxury bathrooms2 luxury bathroom Luxury bathroom by  Branchetti 2

From the highly polished mirror surfacing to the elegance of the capitonne-style panelling, these contemporary pieces have been lovingly crafted for maximum flexibility. All the details are extremely thought for the perfect combination between pieces, spaces and environment!

The new Luxury Collection is for those who appreciate the luxurious furniture and handicraft.

luxury bathrooms4 luxury bathroom Luxury bathroom by  Branchetti 4

Each piece of furniture can be created in a totally modular way, with 120 different colours to choose from plus the addition of sinks and accessories, allowing for a completely customised bathroom furnishing solution.Which of these designs is your favourite?

luxury bathrooms3 luxury bathroom Luxury bathroom by  Branchetti 3

All designer collections by Branchetti are the result of research with the aim to transform the bathroom into a unique and personal place of well-being.


luxury bathroom Luxury bathroom by  Branchetti 5

And what do you think about this luxury bathrooms, if you like it, you can see a new incredible pieces to  in www.

What do you think about this amazing collection by Branchetti? This is an amazing luxury bathroom?

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