5 Bathroom Ideas For A Country Chic Decor

July 31, 2017

From stunning vintage bathtubs to statement light fixtures, discover these 5 Bathroom Ideas For A Country Chic Decor.


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Country Chic Decor

One of the ideas that are always present in a country chic decor is a freestanding tub. You can choose between the bathtubs that have claw feets or the ones that don’t have. But if you want to go traditional then you should opt for the one that has claw feets.

Another idea that is always present is a statement light fixture, is your call to go bold and modern or chic and traditional. Also, the side tables are a constant presence in this decor, opt for one with a rustic vibe.

In this picture, it’s possible to see a modern country chic decor. The bathtub transmits that country vibe as well as the floor tile.


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Always present too, is a wood washbasin definitely a must have in any country chic bathroom. Add some wall lamps, this will complete the whole set.

If you want all country the go like the picture above. Add a natural piece of wood and create a washbasin, also add to the walls some rocks, the idea is to bring the outdoor country vibe to indoors.

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